Accounts and Finance

The Accounts and Finance function is an important function in any organization as it is responsible for understanding the health of the company. That is why it is imperative that the department focuses on ensuring continuing strength of it’s balance sheets while outsourcing the non-core F&A activities that distract the team from those important tasks.

Accounts and Finance outsourcing helps companies by doing just that. Through using vendors proficient in Accounts and Finance services, not only do companies realize the goal of outsourcing non-core activities, but also get the benefit of industry-wide best practices followed by the vendor for multiple other companies. The added bonus is that it reduces the operational costs as well by having the more important team members focus on core activities, thus ensuring their work is worth their value to the organization. If not yet done, Finance and Accounts outsourcing should be a must on every mid-sized company’s maturity short-term roadmap.

Rishabh BPO is one such vendor that can help bring industry best practices to a company’s Accounts and Finance division by helping the company outsource the routine tasks at a lower cost. By partnering with Rishabh, companies have experienced over 30% reduced operational costs, improved quality levels based on SLAs and a true partner who looks out for the best of the organization.

Some of the main services that Rishabh BPO provides its client in F&A outsourcing include:

  • Order to Cash Services
  • Procure to Pay Services
  • Taxation Support Services
  • Claims Processing Services

Entrust our Accounts and Finance outsourcing team to be an extension of your F&A department taking care of your back-end office tasks at low costs. We’ll take care of all your financial and accounting needs from Order to Cash Services, Procure to Pay services or Claims Processing services. Call us now on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or Contact us to know on all the F&A activities our Rishabh BPO team can help you with.