31 October 2013
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5 Helpful Recruitment Outsourcing Tips

Recruitment outsourcing tips for companies of all size that make it easy to fulfill talented workforce needs in challenging recruitment scenarios.

One of the biggest challenges an organization usually faces is scarcity of talent, not funds. The organization may have millions of dollars at their disposal but needs creative, innovative and talented professionals to take the organization to the next level. Failing to achieve that, they may see an overall decline in the growth of the company.

Many companies opt for recruitment process outsourcing to meet this challenge. So how can IT recruiting firms and RPOs help you meet the talent shortage problem? Well, there are no fixed methods and shortcuts to this, but an out-of-the-box thinking RPO can get you there in no time.

Let us delve into some of the recruitment outsourcing tips that can help you land the best RPO out there.

Recruitment Outsourcing Tips

Recruitment Outsourcing Tips

  1. Never Outsource to Save Money
  2. True, recruitment helps you cut down on costs. But savings should not be the biggest motivator for you to outsource. List down the factors that are important for your firm in terms of talent acquisition and the biggest recruitment challenges you face. This will help you to look for the right outsourcing providers.

  3. Decide the Scope of Outsourcing
  4. Once you find the right outsourcing partner, think of all the processes you want to outsource or what processes you want to outsource and what processes you want to keep in house. This is important to ensure that there is no duplication of work and each team is accountable for the processes they handle. If highly sensitive data on employees is one of your top concerns, make sure you and your outsourcing partner enter into a confidentiality agreement to keep this critical information secure.

  5. Do not Overestimate Outsourcing
  6. Many companies think that once they outsource their recruitment function, they don’t have to do anything. However, this is far from true. Don’t assume that once you pass over all the processes, all your responsibilities are over. As a final decision maker, you still have many recruitment responsibilities.

  7. Communicate and State your Recruitment Needs Clearly
  8. If you think, your outsourcing partner will intuitively know everything about your needs, you are very wrong. No matter how intelligent or intuitive your recruitment outsourcing provider is, you still need to state what kind of candidates you are looking for, how do they fit in your organization and what would their job responsibilities be.

  9. Monitor Process and Progress

Make it a point to monitor the process from the start, so that you can make amendments if need be. Also set realistic goals so you can also monitor progress from time to time. Be candid with your outsourcing partner to give a feedback on the progress and work together as a team to get the end results. Playing the Blame game wont benefit either of the companies.

At Rishabh BPO, we believe in transparent communication and are very sincere toward our clients’ sensitive information. Call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in this contact form to discuss your recruitment need with our experts.

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