12 August 2013
HR Outsourcing
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Common HR Mistakes: How an HR Partner Can Help

Organizations, while handling HR functions often make mistakes that, at a later stage, may prove to be fatal for them. Outsourcing HR services can help avoid the common HR mistakes committed by organizations.

Although HR functions are non-core to the business, one small mistake in its processes can prove to be a major setback for the company in the future. The right management of your talent is essential for them to perform as per your expectations.

It is, for quite some time now, a trend among organizations to opt for human resources outsourcing in order to avoid such mistakes and divert their attention and resources towards functions core to the business. Let us discuss some of the common HR mistakes that an HR outsourcing partner company can help avoid.

Common HR mistakes

Common HR Mistakes

Time tracking

A part of the HR role is to monitor and compensate employees for their time. The various processes involved in this area are Leave Management, Payroll processing based on time logged, Timesheet Management and more. For e.g. Organizations often compensate employees for the used vacation time. However, if the time is not tracked properly, the company may end up paying twice for the same incident.

Outsourcing HR services to a vendor can take care of this mistake very efficiently for they are responsible for maintaining the timesheet of your employees. As a result, there will be detailed track of time utilized by employees, be it during vacation or during regular office hours.

Compliance with policies and procedures

Labor laws and regulations is an area where HR has greater potential for litigation. HR mistakes in this area can be avoided if you outsource your HR services to a third party vendor. They have a team of professionals that expertly deal with the constantly changing laws and policies with respect to organizations.

Performance appraisals

Being true and open about performance issues is of utmost important for an organization’s HR team. If fail to do so, it can complicate situations when actions such as dismissal of an employee because of lack of performance come by. Outsourcing HR services such as recruitment, can help avoid such complications.

We at Rishabh BPO understand the importance of smooth running of the HR department in an organization and hence provide services that will ease the burden of such HR mistakes on an organization. Talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form for information on HR services provided by us.

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