Costing and Delivery Model

Rishabh BPO engages with its clients with the model that is right for them so that they can maximize the value that they get. Each business process is unique in the way it is done and so the pricing would vary based on the type of work it involves. Some of the models that Rishabh’s clients have used in the past include:

Transaction Based Model:

A transaction based pricing model for outsourcing is the one wherein payments are made on the total number of transactions made. In this model billing will be based on the deliverables made. The client pays only for what is delivered. There is no limit to the transaction volume. Client can leverage this model to keep the cost variable which is totally based on work volume.

Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly Rate Assignment Model:

A dedicated resource/team is assigned to the client with delivery objectives on daily basis. Rates are mutually agreed upon which includes all capital and operations expenses. The billing is done at regular intervals time, based on the time the resource/team has worked on the client assignment(s).

Fixed Time / Fixed Cost Project Model:

This is a fixed time based model where the start date and end date is identified. This model works best where the work volume and timeline is known beforehand. Rishabh BPO will give you the best offer possible and put adequate number of resources to ensure the project is completed before or on the set target date. In order for this model to work, a well defined project requirement document is prepared, shared and agreed upon. Project deliverables, timelines and resource utilization are pre-defined so that both the client and Rishabh’s team are synchronized to execute a successful project.

Hybrid Model:

This is a combination of the above models so as to maximize the value that the client gets, especially if the work is tough to define based on the above criteria solely.