14 August 2013
HR Outsourcing
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HR Functions Outsourced by Enterprises

Human resource management is an important part of any organization. There are various functions associated with human resources, which are often outsourced for the benefit of the enterprise.

Human resources management often becomes a big challenge for organizations, which leads to many enterprises outsourcing their human resource functions. Here in this article, we will be discussing the HR functions that are outsourced along with the benefits of doing so.

HR Functions Outsourcing

Outsourced HR functions

1) HR consulting

Among the outsourced HR functions, HR consulting is a service where an HR strategist provides you with consultation on streamlining your current HR functions and identifies areas that need improvement. Although this service is less extensive, it is considered to be potentially more effective as you rely on professionals in the area to help figure out your pain areas.

2) Employee benefits

Many a times, companies, especially Small to Medium businesses, find it difficult to provide their workforce with the required benefits. HR function outsourcing can help in dealing with this complication that many organizations face. Benefits administration by your outsourcing vendor helps support your employees. It assists you in ensuring that your organization is in compliance with the government regulations. It allows you to negotiate the rates on coverage of your employee benefits.

3) Recruitment

Your HR team may often find it difficult to find the right talent, with the right skillset for a required position. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a service provided by many vendors and is growing quite popular amongst companies. Under this service the outsourcing partner may handle complete or a part of your recruitment process. The vendor will be responsible for processes such as talent search, background checks, screening and interviewing.

4) Payroll processing

Payroll processing is another popular HR function outsourced by organizations. A vendor providing this service handles all of your payroll processes and requirements. It includes processes such as paycheck processing, tax filings of employees and year-end tax forms. Outsourcing this human resource function can also help you prevent penalties and your payroll knowledge walking out of the door.

Although human resources is an important function in any organization, it is a non-core part of your business, in other words a non-revenue generating function. Hence, outsourcing hr functions can help you focus more on your core business. Talk to our experts at Rishabh BPO for information on how outsourced HR functions can help your business in particular. Call 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form to have us call you.

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