13 May 2013
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Outsourcing Challenges for the Year 2013

The economic uncertainties over the last two years have affected almost all businesses at home and away. The year 2013 seems to have its own set of challenges that businesses that outsource need to overcome. Let’s examine some of the outsourcing challenges for the year 2013.

1. New emerging competition

A few years back almost all companies wanted to outsource to India or China. All IT related and skilled jobs were outsourced to India and manufacturing jobs were outsourced to China. However today, Philippines and many other countries are emerging as new players in this market. The year 2013 can prove to be dangerous for outsourcing giants like India and China if they don’t offer better value for money to their clients.


2. Shaky economy

In the times of economic turmoil, where businesses are shutting down faster than ever, outsourcing services provider may find themselves losing clients steadily. This is especially true in case of smaller businesses as they find it more suitable to close down their businesses and wait for the right time. Outsourcing providers must be very careful while choosing clients or they may find that financial difficulties of the client may burden them as well.

3. Changes in laws

The government is becoming stricter about compliance and other rules. The laws are constantly changing in the western as well as eastern countries. With changing laws, the challenges to stay in accordance with them increase. It is very important for outsourcing solutions provider to keep an eye on changing laws and rules, and be ready to meet them head on.

4. Change in attitude

While the attitude in the early 2000 was to outsource jobs and save costs in order to stay competitive, the focus now is on maintaining national economy by rolling out jobs within the national boundaries. This also has the added advantage of getting work done closer to home so as to pay better attention and gain location advantage.

5. Comprehensive services

While it sufficed to provide one or two services in the old days, companies today need their BPO service provider to offer a suite of services that take care of their outsourcing needs. For instance, marketing firms need to provide voice as well as non-voice services. Offering comprehensive services is seen as a value added service and makes it easier for companies to outsource. In order to meet this challenge, companies need to add new services to their offerings regularly.

All in all, 2013 can be challenging year for many industries but with the right attitude and pro-activeness companies can sail through these difficult times.

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