Debt Collection Services


The client, based in New Jersey, USA, is a leading provider of debt collection, accounts receivable management and call center services.

Business Need:

They were looking at ways to reduce the operating expenditures and improve productivity of their operations. With the aim of controlling the steady growth of outstanding debt, Rishabh Software was selected to provide outsourcing services for collections from debtors.

Rishabh’s Solution:

Rishabh Software adopted an innovative approach that captured information provided by the client, evaluated this data and then tailored an appropriate collection strategy. This provided a high quality – cost efficient solution using a skilled resource pool of agents along with an enhanced telecommunication network. A highly competent and well trained team of collection professionals at Rishabh Software made direct business-to-consumer (B2C) collection calls to debtors.

Benefits to the Client:

  • Reduced write-offs and operating costs as fixed costs became variable costs with outsourcing
  • The client also experienced an accelerated cash flow. Moreover, process controls remained with the client since there were measurable performance benchmarks and reports
  • Trained debt collections personnel who assured professionalism and goodwill was maintained at all levels
  • Excellent telecommunications and infrastructure support to provide uninterrupted & seamless services
  • 90% subrogation success rate

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