Payroll Processing Services


Based in Florida, the client is a leading provider of contingent workforce compliance and management services beginning from vendor management to consolidated invoicing.

Business Need:

Client wanted to have an outsourcing partner who can provide Payroll Processing Services which could help them in cutting cost, provide faster turn-around-time due to time difference but without negotiating on consistency in service delivery and quality.

Rishabh’s Solution:

To ease the transition from onsite to offshore, complete payroll workflow was split into multiple processes or phases with a spread out migration plan. Effective training methodologies were imparted to increase understanding of processors and hence turnaround time along with increased efficiency and a substantial cost saving was achieved.

Benefits to the Client:

  • 100% timely updates of employee data
  • 0% delay in pay-outs
  • Weekly cash processing is close to $ 25 million.
  • Reduced transaction and capital costs; a cutback of 40-60% per resource compared to onsite
  • Accuracy and integrity of the data
  • Multi-tiered checks to ensure data confidentiality and security

Download the detailed Case Study here: