HR Outsourcing

Rishabh BPO has been delivering HR outsourcing services to several global clients since 2004. The key value that drives this is to reduce operational costs in non-core activities. By hiring such HR services, the organization is able to focus on its core business and thus remain competitive in today’s globalized world.

Rishabh BPO’s team works across a range of HR functions in order to help clients maintain their competitive edge, by reducing the overheads of repetitive, transactional and low-value add sections of HR. Rishabh’s team understands that, especially in a competitive world, retaining an employee is of paramount importance. That is why Rishabh’s team works extra-hard to ensure that the employees of clients don’t even realize that they are being serviced by an external organization.

By working with Rishabh BPO’s Human Resources outsourcing services, clients can expect to gain the following:

  • On-time processes for various time-sensitive functions
  • Seamless integration with client’s internal processes
  • Cost savings of 35-60% or more
  • Accuracy levels close to six sigma

Some of the Human Resources outsourcing services that Rishabh BPO delivers include:

Onboarding (Members Enrollment & Completion) Services:

From the time an employee is signed on to the time the employee gets productive in a company, Rishabh’s HR BPO team accurately captures all the new employee’s data including payment preferences. This helps the company get ready to work with the employee and service all the employees needs on a timely basis.

Employee Data Management Services:

Not only does Rishabh’s HR outsourcing services help onboard new employees and capture their data, it also helps maintain data of existing employees right through the employee lifecycle. By ensuring that the data is up-to-date, Rishabh helps its clients to be compliant as well as current.

Time and Expense Management Services:

For consultants or other field focused roles, managing the time and expenses of the employees is an essential need for the client’s customers to pay the client. That’s why Rishabh BPO focuses on achieving high accuracy and timeliness so that the client gets paid on time for their efforts.

Payroll processing Services:

Businesses nowadays opt to outsource the payroll function to external business partners like HR outsourcing firms not only to reduce costs, but to reduce the need to allocate internal resources. This is not only scalable, but when working with the right vendors, more reliable as well.

Rishabh’s HR outsourcing services can also deliver similar benefits for other HR processes such as Leave management, Visa Processing, Exit management, Full and Final Settlement, Learning and Development management, Benefits management etc.

Focus on your core business while outsourcing your HR services like Employee Onboarding, Payroll Processing and Leave Management to our experienced HR outsourcing team. Contact us now or Call 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to know more on how our HR outsourcing services helped a client save over 60% in costs.