Payroll Processing Service

One HR process that has been gaining popularity as an outsourced service is Payroll processing. Companies have started realizing the importance of reducing operational costs of their non-core activities and are shifting these responsibilities to outside vendors that provide payroll outsourcing services. You can now channel your HR staff to focus on building better employee satisfaction which would help you retain your top talent, while the payroll service company takes care of payroll services.

Rishabh BPO has many years of experience in providing payroll services to global clients. Rishabh BPO’s team understands the importance of maintaining a competitive edge and retaining an employee. That’s why the team works hard towards helping our clients build a healthy employer-employee relationship by ensuring near perfect accuracy levels in the industry.

Outsourcing payroll processes to Rishabh BPO can help your HR team manage payouts to your varied workforce and give them bandwidth to deal with the changing regulations and government forms. We’ll help you bring down your payroll processing cost to a fraction of what you would incur otherwise. Payroll processing can thus prove to be an advantageous strategy for your business, be it an SMB or a large enterprise.

Benefits you can get from outsourcing your payroll processing to Rishabh BPO

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • 100% timely updates for employee data
  • 0% delay in employee pay-outs
  • Data confidentiality and security is maintained by multi-tiered checks
  • Paychecks can be processed on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis
  • A dedicated team of professionals handling the payroll processing
  • Time-sensitive functions completed within the time frame
  • Seamless integration carried out with internal processes of the client
  • Close to six sigma accuracy levels maintained

With Rishabh as your payroll processing partner, you will be able to focus more on the core revenue generating functions of your business. Call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form for more information on our payroll services.