Support Services

Enterprises globally need to have support services in place for their customers – whether external ones or internal ones. This is the way that they maintain their reputation as a company that customers love to buy from or employees like to work in. It requires a level of relationship management that is empathetic and yet practical in order to save the company costs.

Rishabh BPO’s team of experienced professionals can help companies globally achieve high levels of support satisfaction while lowering costs. It can do this by improving processes, creating knowledge databases and utilizing the best technologies for the job.

With Rishabh’s support services, clients have experienced:

  • Reduced repeat requests for the same issue
  • Lower turnaround times to service the issues
  • Analysis-based improvement in support to eliminate repeat problems
  • Reduction in operational costs of over 35%

Some of the types of support Rishabh BPO has provided or can provide include:

HR Support services / Employee Support Services:

Employees, especially in services-focused companies, are one of the main assets that a company has. That is why keeping them happy is an essential function of HR. To achieve this, strong processes need to be in place to fulfill all requests by employees within a defined SLA. This is where Rishabh BPO’s HR Support services can help tremendously. It has the experience of delivering strongly on SLA based processes but, more importantly, work hard towards ensuring the satisfaction of the employee. Rishabh’s team can help provide HR support services to communicate to remote employees via chat or email.

Customer Support Services:

In an age where social media is ubiquitous, customer support levels need to be top notch for companies and brands to maintain their reputation. Rishabh’s team of customer support professionals know how to communicate effectively maintaining their client’s reputation intact while helping the customer resolve their issues. This could then be tracked and analyzed to learn and improve the processes, leading to overall value for Rishabh’s clients. Rishabh’s Customer Support services encompass various means of media used by your customers, be it Chat support, Email support or Inbound Call support.

Looking at expanding your team to help you with HR support services or Customer support services? Talk to us to know how partnering with Rishabh BPO can help you achieve high support satisfaction for your customers and employees. Contact us now or call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224).