Voice Based Services

Enterprises globally have embraced voice-based contact centers and BPO processes delivered from value centers like India. Most of the Fortune 500 as well as many mid-sized companies have already established their own contact centers or outsourced their work to 3rd party vendors.

Rishabh BPO has the knowhow and experience to help its clients setup contact centers for multiple types of voice-based business processes. Rishabh’s team has demonstrated strong understanding, not only in delivering these processes but also managing them.

Through working with Rishabh BPO, clients generally achieve:

  • Cost savings of 30-50%
  • Lower repeat calls because of clear communication and issue resolution
  • Process transformation through continuous learning and feedback
  • Drop in call wait times by achieving quicker resolution

There are many voice-based processes that could be done from a remote office like India. Some of the ones that Rishabh BPO has expertise in include:

Technical Support Services:

By working with Rishabh BPO’s technical HelpDesk team, companies can lower the costs of providing technical HelpDesk support to their clients, reducing frustrations and ensuring loyalty towards the brand. Rishabh’s team can deliver technical support services not only through voice but also through remote connections and video playbacks.

Inbound Call support:

Clients can achieve faster resolutions for their customers by working with Rishabh’s BPO team for inbound call support. These could be for technical help, billing help, order status, feedback, complaints and many more. By doing this efficiently and methodically, clients can get deep insight into problems faced by their customers and thus improving on those to achieve longer term loyalty.

Outbound / Telemarketing Services:

Each company reaches out to its customers, generally through calling them up to sell them their product / services. However recruiting many of them could be expensive in countries like USA, Canada, UK and others which is where Rishabh BPO could step in and save costs for its clients. Rishabh’s team has strong English language communicators that can understand and talk to end consumers very effectively generating leads for the companies to follow up on.

Extend your voice based support team by partnering with Rishabh BPO as your Technical HelpDesk, Inbound call support team or Outbound Telemarketing team. Reduce your operational costs while reaching a larger customer base, call us now on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or contact us now to know more on our Voice Based services.