10 July 2013
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Significant RPO Trends in 2013

Recruitment process outsourcing has been through a rough patch in the previous years, especially from 2011 through most of 2012.

However, the year 2013 is predicted to have better prospective for RPO companies. Discussed in this article are a few trends that will help us understand what’s in store for the RPO industry in the year 2013.

RPO Trends 2013

1. Decrease in consolidation

For the last two years, significant consolidation of technology and services has been taking place in the RPO industry. Acquisitions in the tech industry are common, as companies prefer to fill a functional void by buying rather than developing applications in-house.

The recent acquisitions of RPO providers like ‘The RightThing’ and ‘SourceRight’ took place for reasons that were quite inconsistent. These consolidations did not really impact delivery to the marketplace. However, experts predict that there will be a significant slowdown in this activity in the year 2013.

2. Segmentation of services

Because consolidation was carried out without any significant driving factor, segmentation of service offerings took place at a greater level. However, the year 2013 will see more refined RPO service segmentation, typically into five types – Full Lifecycle RPO, Project RPO, Point of Service RPO, On Demand RPO and White Label RPO.

3. Globalization

Experts predict that the RPO industry will see growth in ‘global hiring’ and hence there will be seen an increase in the RPO global deals in the year 2013. RPO firms that understand different cultures will have an edge over the others.

4. Co-sourcing

Co-sourcing is a term that is used by enterprises to describe an approach where more than one RPO provider is invited for collaborative work. This is said to help companies achieve their end-to-end needs in a more satisfying manner.

Experts predict that the year 2013 will witness ‘co-sourcing’ going mainstream. Clients’ expectations of co-sourcing from more than one RPO agency will be to work collectively towards improving the overall workforce strategy of their organization.

5. Pipelining and sourcing

Experts believe that in the year 2013, sourcing and pipelining may become an individual market segment but intersecting with the RPO industry. Sourcing, as such, is seen as the key to success of any recruitment outsourcing provider.

It is especially so when you require highly skilled personnel, an appropriate degree or certified personnel for open positions. It is predicted that the year 2013 will see an increase in the demand for aggressive talent community development and more focus on sourcing and pipelining.

These are some of the recruitment process outsourcing trends that experts believe we will witness in 2013. At Rishabh BPO, our experts understand the need to work according to the changing trends in the recruitment process outsourcing industry. Talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form for guidance on the same.

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