9 July 2013
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Social Media Dominates 2015: Recruiting Channels Survey Results

The recruitment process has evolved dramatically over time and various channels are being used for sourcing the right candidate. Recruiting channels, which was limited to employee referrals and job boards have become much broader with the advent of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. However, what is important to know is whether these new recruiting channels are able to deliver the same quality of candidates as traditional methods such as job boards, job fairs and campus recruiting?

At Software Advice, with the help of iCIMS, PCRecruiter, Jobvite, and RPO Association they conducted a survey to answer these questions. The results of their survey indicate that social media is here to stay as the most preferred recruiting channel.

The data would seem to support the hypothesis that social media recruiting is only going to increase in the coming years, but only time will tell. What do you think? Do these results reflect your company’s recruiting experience? You can compare these survey results with your company experience and find out the method that suits your requirements the most.

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