13 June 2013
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When Does a Temporary Staffing Solution Come Handy?

Temporary staffing services are gaining popularity among enterprises at a fast pace. However, there are still many companies that feel hesitant in opting for temporary staffing, thinking that it will not be advantageous for their business.

Although it is true that temporary staffing can prove advantageous, it also depends on the current scenario of your business. You should be able to determine whether, permanent staffing or temp staffing will be beneficial for a particular business requirement.

Discussed here, for your better understanding, are a few scenarios where hiring staff on a temporary basis might prove beneficial:

Temp Staffing

1. Overtime heavy on your expenses

If in the current situation you do not experience any improvement in your productivity but there is an increase in the overtime of your permanent staff, it is likely that your current staff have more than they can handle on their plates.

Such a situation may arise either because of peaked business requirements or additional pile up of work and tasks by the managers without proper evaluation of their counter productivity. Temporary staffing can be extremely advantageous in such situations.

It also saves the additional burden on your budget since their payroll and additional benefits are the responsibility of the temporary staffing agency.

2. Special projects in line

Temp staffing can prove advantageous for you especially when there are one time or special projects coming up. Fundraisers, web designing, special events or annual inventory are some of the examples that are not ongoing projects.

Hiring permanent staff for such projects would be irrational and may prove expensive as well. Hiring a temporary staff for such occasions will also maintain the enthusiasm and work efficient environment amongst your current staff.

3. Filling up for your permanent staff

As an enterprise you may have to face situations where your permanent staff may be on a vacation, sick leave or sudden departure. In such cases a temporary staffing services provider can help you with finding the most appropriate and potential candidate for your current business requirements.

Since they will only be filling up for your permanent staff when they are on leave or vacation, your permanent staff will also be relieved from the tension of losing their jobs.

If you want more details on whether temp staffing can be beneficial for you, call 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form and talk to our experts.

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