Marketing and Sales

Companies need to be able to sell their products and services in order to remain in business. However, not all activities are strategic or core to the marketing or sales teams. A lot of time is spent on non-core activities like creating calling lists, searching databases, cleaning up prospect lists etc, a lot of which take away productive time of teams, causing an indirect loss to the company. That is why companies need to look to Marketing and Sales outsourcing services in order to ensure that their staff focuses on the strategic aspects of the company, thus improving their chances of success.

Marketing Outsourcing services help the marketers to think more about the strategic aspects of their work. They depend on the vendors to complete the routine tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Sales Outsourcing services help the sales people to close the sales better by allowing them to spend more time closing while leaving other routine tasks to their outsourcing vendors.

Rishabh BPO has had considerable experience in ensuring that their clients’ sales and marketing teams stay focused on what’s important. Rishabh’s marketing and sales outsourcing team works as an extension of their clients’ teams by ensuring seamless transition of non-core activities and in the process lowering costs for the company.

Some of the services that Rishabh BPO can help the marketing and sales divisions in a company are:

  • Telemarketing / Inside Sales
  • Customer / User Surveys
  • Prospect List management
  • Data entry of catalogues etc.
  • Social Media monitoring and reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

Let your marketing and sales team focus on the strategically important activities while Rishabh BPO helps take care of all the peripheral activities like Customer support, Telemarketing, Customer surveys, Data entry of catalogs, Social Media Monitoring and reporting and Online marketing. Call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or Contact us today to know more on how our team can help improve your marketing and sales teams efficiency and productivity.