Managed Recruitment Services


The client is a US-based consulting company specializing in IT and scientific resources. Since 1984, they have been providing consultants and professional services to a wide range of industries.

Business Need:

The client required full-time recruiting teams to meet the increased hiring demands.

Rishabh’s Solution:

Based on client’s immediate need for recruiting assistance, Rishabh Software proposed an on-demand solution, which would act as an external recruiting arm, for a pilot period of two months. On successful completion of pilot testing, the client opted to employ an end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Benefits to the Client:

  • Major saving of several thousand dollars
  • No Payroll Expense
  • No need to pay benefits like paid vacation, medical insurance, etc.
  • No need of Office accommodation
  • No long-term contracts
  • Single source accountability
  • Quality Hiring

Download the detailed Case Study here: