7 January 2014
HR Outsourcing
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7 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll acts as an integral part of any organization, and a small payroll mistake can cost the trust of your employees, resulting in resignation of talented and reliable resources. The realm of payroll has grown from traditional check writing to complex account processing. It now encompasses everything from computing tax, handling employee forms through to EIN, EFPTS and IRA calculation.

One of the best things about outsourcing payroll management services is that you can allocate your in-house resources to the critical business functions and achieve your organization’s goals by improving the productivity of your staff.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

In this post, we will share the top 7 benefits of outsourcing payroll management

Benefit#1: Cost Saving

For any mid-sized organization, to process payroll there are an average 15 to 20 full time employees working as accountants and book keepers, with their average individual cost of $50,000 per year. The more time spend on payroll, the less time they spend managing the business.

Benefit#2: Improved Efficiency

Payroll outsourcing companies process the payroll day in and day out with the high availability of expert pool and better awareness of technical and legal norms. Efficiency is achieved by outsourcing to specialized payroll experts ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

Benefit#3: Better Productivity

Payroll outsourcing companies helps you to improve productivity by saving time, efforts and costs incurred for carrying out payroll operations in-house. Payroll outsourcing companies have a wide range of payroll specialization for different industries, like for e.g. some organization offer flexible savings accounts, or retirement account options, and some provide specific tax saving proposals, insurance payments helping the business owner to deliver efficient payroll through better productivity.

Benefit#4: Improved Tax Savings

Tax savings are one of the major benefits delivered by payroll outsourcing companies. High penalties can be avoided by identifying incorrect filing and payment of tax.

Benefit#5: Build Strong Relations with Employees

Payments or salary payouts are important to employees and executing timely payments and clearances keep your employees happy which in turn keeps their morale high. This benefit strengthens the relations with employees and also plays a major factor for retaining good talent.

Benefit#6: Eliminate Payroll Processing Errors

Outsourcing payroll services help in processing costs by employee, by client, by project – all covering the total hours each employee worked or billed. At times there are errors like salary overpayment, errors in tax deduction which needs to be addressed at high priority. These errors can lead to a major breakage of the company which can be eliminated by outsourcing payroll services.

Benefit#7: Using Best of Technology

Payroll outsourcing firms use latest software programs for payroll processing, tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. These programs can protect your employee data through an authorized control system which can be managed by the organization and can be accessed by authorized signatory.

However, this is not a complete list of payroll outsourcing advantages. To find out more payroll outsourcing benefits, get in touch with us – call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or drop us a word here – and we will be happy to send you a complete list of payroll benefits pertaining to your industry.

You can also get a no-obligation quote for payroll outsourcing for your organization. We also provide comprehensive HR outsourcing that encompasses payroll, recruitment and other HR activities.

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