26 December 2013
HR Outsourcing
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HR Onboarding Best Practices To Establish New Employee Success

An effective workforce is the key for any organization to execute strategy and achieve business goals. Our last post about Employee Onboarding Services discussed some alarming statistics observed in the job switching habits of managers and executives. In this post, we will share the HR Onboarding best practices for improving success of new employees and safeguarding against the current job hopping trend.

Organizations face a competitive business landscape which demands an employee to perform at the highest level aligned with the company goals. So let’s look at the best practices followed for employee onboarding in small and large companies across the globe.

Employee Onboarding Best Practices
  1. First impression
  2. First impression is the last impression, be it with people or with an organization. A new joiner to the company undergoes many personal and professional changes while signing the final documents. This adds up an additional responsibility for the organization to create a positive first impression. A senior member or a HR executive can create the impression by taking care of the pre-joining and administrative issues.

  3. Prepare well in advance
  4. Would you take a girl out for a date to the popular restaurant without making a reservation? No, you would prepare well in advance for the date by wearing your best attire, buying flowers and planning the entire evening. Similarly, before the candidate joins, you must make some arrangements such as: delegate a workstation, stock it with required stationary.; keep the entire administrative forms ready such as employment, direct deposit, phone number list of reception, canteen. Also, keep an employee handbook handy so that the candidate can get acquainted with do’s and don’ts – however this is not a complete list of HR onboarding best practices. The scenario changes from company to company and individual to individual.

  5. Prepare the team
  6. Most organizations neglect to prepare the team. However, this is very important if you want your team to accept the new employee. Give a brief summary to your team about the new joiner, his / her previous experience and the role in the company. You can also assign a mentor / buddy whose role is to make the candidate feel comfortable and welcomed. Mentors must have been working for quite some time with the company and must be aware of the company structure and business goals so that he / she can guide the new employee accurately.

  7. Make the right first impression
  8. The first few days of the new employee are very crucial, like courtship period. An employee that is serenaded rather then left stranded is more likely to stand by you in the long run. If you leave employees to their own devices, don’t help them learn the tricks and trades of the business don’t make them feel welcome, they will never feel like a part of the organization. Make your employees feel comfortable and supported right from the first day. This can be achieved via orientation, meetings, office tour, informal gatherings, and team lunch.

  9. Ensure employee successes

One of the major driving factors behind HR onboarding service is to ensure employee success. This can be achieved by setting up realistic monthly, quarterly, and annual goals, making the employee feel like an integral part of the organization.

By following these HR onboarding best practices, the new employee will start

  • Taking care of basic responsibilities within 30 days
  • Reach a comfortable communication level with team and managers
  • To know whom to approach, what actions to take, when to escalate, and how to achieve business goals within 60 days
  • Will get aligned with proper feedback and suggestions within 90 days
  • To deliver results / achieve goals in 120 days

If you are experiencing high levels of attrition within six months of employees joining your company rather than them focusing on achieving your company goals, you might want to revisit your HR onboarding process.

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