12 September 2013
HR Outsourcing
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Multi Country Payroll Outsourcing For Global Companies

Global companies are fast moving towards outsourcing their payroll processes and adopting the multi country payroll trend. There are many options and advantages to this growing trend.

HR outsourcing has grown to a great extent and companies that have a global presence are increasingly seen to outsource their HR functions. One of the majorly outsourced HR process is payroll.

This is because it becomes difficult to keep a track of local regulations and laws related to payroll. Global payroll outsourcing providers have the required expertise to handle such difficulties.

The past years have seen a tremendous growth in the HR-BPO sector, and multi country payroll is fast becoming common among organizations.

Multi Country Payroll

The major advantages of global payroll outsourcing that companies can gain are listed below:

  • Companies opting for global payroll can benefit from the proven track record of the payroll providers in extending solutions fitting multiple clients – The one-to-many approach.
  • Use of powerful tools, by global payroll outsourcing providers can help deliver consistent levels of service in various countries. The shared environment also aids cost effectiveness.
  • Since the multi country payroll provider is capable of servicing multiple clients at the same time and on the same platform, they are more likely to have optimized technical and human resources.
  • Companies opting for global payroll outsourcing also benefit from the economies of scale.
  • Providers can help companies reduce the time spent behind implementation of changes by using a template-based approach. This also drives methodology and facilitates implementation in each country.

Options by global payroll outsourcing providers

Payroll companies, in addition to a single global platform, have geared their offerings for global companies with different sized subsidiaries. Such offerings might have a combination of a variety of solutions, including ones for small and medium sized businesses. Global payroll outsourcing providers have reduced the minimal organizational size to be eligible for multi country payroll to the number of fingers on one hand.

This makes managing thousands of employees in one country and probably two to three in another much easier. The global payroll outsourcing provider’s ability to deliver services across the globe indicates that they can keep up with the growth and geographical expansion of their clients. They serve their clients round the clock and on a long term basis by building two tier organizations at a regional as well as country level.

At Rishabh BPO, we realize the need for multi country payroll and have the relevant expertise as well. Talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form for information on our global payroll outsourcing services.

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