16 October 2013
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RPO Best Practices For Recruitment Success

Recruitment is an important process for every organization, which is often outsourced to RPO providers. In order to make the outsourcing move a success, there are a few RPO best practices you can follow.

The current economic situation has forced many organizations to cut down on the number of recruitments they do. However, this definitely does not mean that organizations should cut down their recruitment efforts. The positions you, as an organization, have to fulfill are still hard-to-fill, for which you require the best recruitment strategies and practices in place.

With the economic tumble down, recruitment process outsourcing has become a rising trend among organizations, a trend that you can take advantage of. RPO services have helped and proved highly advantageous for enterprises as far as strategic recruitment is concerned.

RPO Best Practices

Here are some of the RPO best practices that will help you achieve success too:

  1. More than just a vendor-client relationship
  2. RPO today is more about creating a strategic partnership rather than the typical transactional processing. It is more about effective management of a business function instead of simply filling up opening positions with available candidates. Hence, for a successful outcome, it is advisable to integrate the RPO provider into your corporate culture as a valued partner.

  3. Metrics and reporting
  4. When outsourcing your recruitment process to an RPO services provider, it is important to establish rigorous metrics and reporting. Recalibrate and choose two to three key metrics on the basis of what is important for your organization. This will not only enable you to gather necessary information but make changes in the business processes on the basis of the information gathered.

  5. Recruitment goals and objectives
  6. Goals and objectives for recruitment should be decided before approaching the RPO provider. The goals and objectives should be set on the basis of your business needs. You may either require only part of the recruitment process to be outsourced or entire, end-to-end process to be outsourced. As an RPO best practice, the recruitment support model should be built based on the business needs.

  7. Choosing the right RPO services provider
  8. When you outsource your recruitment processes, you expect a strategic component delivered to the process. This comes when your RPO relationship with the vendor is managed and nurtured well. As an RPO best practice, it is hence very important to choose the right outsourcing partner.

  9. Helping hand in economic recession

During economic downturn, if you are looking forward to improve your recruitment strategies for better economic situations, RPO services may be just the solution. Partnering with an RPO provider can help address issues such as that of scalability. Hiring an RPO company can also help in improving your talent management function with respect to sourcing, selecting, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding.

Additionally, RPO providers can also help in enhancing your brand and attracting highly skilled, qualified candidates. It can turn your non-core business function into a valuable and strategic contributor to your business’ success.

At Rishabh BPO, our experts adhere to these RPO best practices to provide need based solutions to the client. For more information on how we lend a helping hand in improving your RPO strategy, talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.

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