15 May 2013
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IT Staffing Challenges: An Overview

Every IT company is ideally expected to have a well-organized IT department, which is prepared and ready to pursue the growing business demands. However, our constantly evolving economic environment affects IT companies, especially when it comes to staffing.. Discussed here are the five most commonly experienced challenges in terms of IT staffing.

1. Under staffing

During the economic slowdown, many companies decreased their employee strength to survive. However, now that businesses are picking up momentum, the same companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the demands. Under staffing can become a major problem for IT companies, especially during phases which require companies to adapt and implement new and innovative technologies for their business growth.

The problem of under staffing can be solved by choosing an outsourcing partner, who provides recruitment services. The staffing agency can help in procuring the right candidates for the business at the right time, eventually aiding companies keep pace with emerging or innovative technologies.

IT Staffing

2. Growth

Being an IT company can become challenging in providing IT services that are at par with the latest industry trends . The reason behind this can be shortage of employees, who can deliver services at the required pace. For such sudden demands, which require highly skilled and equipped staff, staffing agencies can fill skill gaps. Outsourcing staffing requirements to a vendor can help get on board the required number of skilled employees in lesser time than an internal HR team.

3. Workload management & cost effectiveness

In times of peaked production demands, regular, permanent staff may find it difficult to handle. Hiring new and permanent staff for such temporary requirements in business may prove to be costly. Outsourcing temporary recruitment needs to a staffing agency, can prove to be cost effective and save manpower, time and energy. A third party vendor hired to do the job, is be more apt in recruiting rightly skilled staff

4. Retention

Until recently, retention was not so much of a challenge that companies faced, however this is changing now. Today, companies face the challenge of losing their top performers to other growing companies.

Retention is less likely to be a challenge if a third party vendor is contracted to fulfill IT staffing needs since such agencies possess a talent pool that is verified for stability and thus eliminating the risk of losing employees to other businesses, and increasing retention rate.

Outsourcing your IT staffing needs can help you focus on your core business functions better. Call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill out this contact form here to understand how our IT staffing services can help your enterprise.

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