11 June 2013
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Reasons Why Your Staffing Solution May Fail

Organizations today have nearly 15-20% of their workforce working as temporary or contingent workers. This part of the workforce, especially after the recession, is becoming difficult for many organizations to manage.

Some organizations also fail to understand the importance and advantages of contingent or temporary staffing, while some companies that have implemented a staffing solution may find that their expectations remain unmet. Many reasons can be responsible for the failure of your chosen solution, which can be listed as below:

Staffing Solution

Lack of accountability

Staffing solutions are generally managed by procurement or human resources (HR). If only one of the departments are managing the solutions, the value is of the respective department only. The procurement department will be concerned with cost while the HR department will be concerned with quality and compliance.

If your staffing solution delivers only one of these, there will be a disconnect in the value. Worst, staffing agencies providing you with the solution may not have an idea of what you want and neither are you accountable. This can prove harmful for your organization.

No executive support

One of the most important factors that play a role in the success of any staffing solution is support from your executives. If your executives do not support the solution, it may not prove to be as advantageous as expected.

It is hence advisable to communicate clearly, what they are supposed to be doing. This will also help in preventing the executives from thinking that they may be able to defy the solution and work their way around it.

Value not recognized

Staffing services will most importantly impact the day to day managers that require the staff. If in case, the process takes long and they are not provided with the required people or are unable to work with the staffing agency providing the solution, the managers would either reject the solution altogether or look for ways around the staffing solution.

Not fast enough to adapt

The key to flexible staffing is that it can be adapted as and when required in order to fulfill your workforce requirements. However, many staffing solutions are developed 6-12 months prior, based on the volume and other factors. The solutions today should be quick and adaptable so as to accommodate fast changing business conditions.

All these challenges once known can be avoided by working together as a team. One thing that the company must do is to communicate to all the stakeholders the need for taking up a particular staffing solution.

Once they are convinced and are on-board with your solution, they would help solve and not aggravate the issues you might face with the staffing solution provider.

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