11 April 2013
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2013 Survey For Recognizing Popular Recruitment Channels

Getting the right talent on board has always been a challenge for enterprises. The team that recruits plays a very vital role in shaping the organization. Overtime, the means of recruiting candidates has evolved and with the rise of social networks an entire new channel has developed. The other channels that have been used for a while are company career webpages, employee referrals, job boards, agencies, campus recruiting, etc. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose the best and most effective channel of recruitment.

So how do you source candidates for the job openings at your firm? Do you use social media or has the firm outsourced some parts of the recruitment to an external agency? What is the success rate of hiring the candidate through job boards?

Software Advice has created a survey to help answer all these questions. Do fill out the survey here and help in this aggregating data. We’ll post the results from the reports collected from recruiters facing the same problems like you!

The report will give you a better idea on what channels to focus your hiring activities on. It would also give a good view of the recruitment landscape today, helping employers realize where they get their maximum ROI.

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