12 June 2013
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Which Is the Right Outsourcing Firm for Your Company?

Deciding to outsource to India or any country, is just the first step you take towards outsourcing your work successfully. But your work is not done here. You need to select the right outsourcing partner and then form a concrete and long-lasting relationship with them.

So how do you make sure you have selected the right outsourcing partner? Here, we have summarized a few points in brief that should be able to guide you in your quest to hire services from the perfect BPO partner in India.

1. Scrutinize the service level agreement: The first and the most crucial step is to check the SLA or service level agreement before you choose your BPO partner. Having done that is like having taken a step forward in choosing the right outsourcing partner.

2. Check out their workforce: When you outsource to India, it is advisable to check out the workforce of the desired BPO partner. At times, it is likely that big brands may be going through staffing issues and a shortage of talented workforce.

Right Outsourcing Partner

On the other hand small companies, where it is least expected, may have the required talent that your business needs. If the need arises, you may also visit their office in India and meet the staff or simply arrange for a video conference.

3. Get reference from their customers: No one can give you a better idea about your BPO partner than their old or existing customers. You can ask for their references, case studies or request to speak to the customers so as to confirm if you are choosing the right outsourcing partner.

A reference list should normally be enough to determine the experience and expertise of the outsourcing partner. It can give you a fair idea about the type, size and repute of organizations they have worked with as well as the scope of the work they have previously done.

4. Examine their process and delivery models: Every BPO company follows a specific process model and based on it designs a delivery model. It is here you can find out if the company is faking it.

A less reputed BPO company in its bid to over-promise often presents a faulty process model. You and your staff must examine the process and delivery model closely to find out any such discrepancies.

5. Is it reliable and trustworthy? While all may seem good, the company may have produced all the right certificates and references, but if even one thing is amiss, you may find it difficult to rely on your BPO partner.

The right outsourcing partner will never mislead you and will always be transparent in its actions. Their contracts will be well structured, their policies and communication very clear and their projections very candid. This information will help you decide whether your desired outsourcing partner is reliable and trustworthy or not.

6. Evaluate their technical competence: Today, technology has a huge hand in ensuring success of a project. You must ask for all the technical resources they are using as well as determine how technically competent their employees are.

7. Effective communication: Many companies have all that they need in their BPO partner but still feel they have done a mistake in choosing the right outsourcing partner. Both the companies may be well reputed, competent and may be able to produce visible results, but if they don’t have a strong relationship and smooth communication, the relationship cannot last long.

8. Check for their process certifications: Ideally, this should be the first point, but since it was too obvious, we just added it here as a gentle reminder. Some of the certifications to look for are ISO, CMMI, etc.

We hope these points help you to form the most successful and long-lasting partnership with a BPO firm in India. If you want an elaborate guidance on how you can choose the right outsourcing partner for your business, you can speak to us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form here.

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