4 June 2013
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6 Ways to Foolproof Outsourcing Recruitment

Recruitment is an important process for every enterprise, and it can be a great contributor to either the growth or fall of the company. Enterprises today, choose to approach staffing agencies for recruitment outsourcing in order to smoothen the process of recruitment. However, many end up with a failed RPO approach, while others benefit greatly. There are many reasons for your recruitment process outsourcing to fail and hence it is important for you to consider the following before signing a contract with an RPO firm.

1. Trial project: Measuring your future success with the staffing firm on a small scale can help you understand whether your outsourcing strategy will work or not. This will also help both the RPO provider and your organization learn to work with each other on shorter less critical projects.

2. Knowledge of what to accomplish: You should know the metrics that are important for the growth of your company. You should set realistic timelines around these, which will provide the recruitment process outsourcing service provider with an idea of the resources required and set the price accordingly. You should also decide on the goals you want to achieve before signing the deal.

3. Know the recruitment problems faced: Recognize the recruitment challenges your team faces and then have the RPO provider diagnose the problem area. A credible RPO will generally have their own evaluation process in place to pinpoint the challenges you may be facing. If your future RPO partner fails to pose correct questions for basal analysis, its likely that they don’t understand your real pain areas and are less likely to provide you with a complete solution.

Outsourcing Recruitment

4. Get to know the team: It is important to know the strength and stability of the staffing firm you are planning to work with. It is equally important to find out about the knowledge management system used by the RPO provider in order to gain knowledge about your company and transfer the same to the new team members, whenever turnover of staff takes place.

5. Agree on metrics for success: It is important to plan and execute with your recruitment outsourcing partner, which will help you achieve your goal over time. You should have an idea on where your organization needs to be in the coming future. This would help create a roadmap with your RPO partner and define metrics to help measure success. For instance, your success goals should indicate where you will be standing after ninety days, six months and a year from now.

6. Site visit: One of the most important point that you need to consider is to cross check whether the reality is in sync with what was presented by the staffing firm. Does the description of their company really match up with their actual activity level, size of their operation, technology and tools that are available to their staff, etc. You should also find out, in detail, about whether they are using the right technology or not, as both people and technology are equally important for the recruitment process.

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