17 April 2013
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Few Mistakes You Must Avoid When Opting For RPO

When it comes to recruitment process outsourcing, there are two schools of thought. One of them states that RPO services are a waste of money and serious mistake while the other states it is the best-outsourced service, offering great solutions for recruitment problems. When opting for RPO services, you need to make sure your project runs smoothly and delivers the required solutions.

1) Most often the mistake is made even before the project starts, i.e. at the initial stage. Companies do not know how to define the role and responsibilities of the RPO provider. They need to make a list of services they need from the RPO provider, perhaps even before hiring one so as to choose a provider that offers allthe required services. Besides that, realistic expectations must be set for success and appropriate metrics must be used to measure success. If you are new to all this and don’t know how to go about it, call in your RPO provider and discuss these things at the outset. Make sure you mention the bottlenecks in each department where you are looking to recruit employees and clearly mention the recruitment problems you have faced earlier.

2) Many companies opt outsourcing for the sake of cost savings; the same goes for recruitment outsourcing. However, sometimes these companies focus too much on cost savings and lose focus on the needs and requirements. This is why they choose RPO service providers that offer cheap recruitment services such as running online ads and trawling databases. These kind of solutions provide temporary as well as low quality results. On the other hand, a good RPO outsourcing provider offers high quality, experienced contacts that are not even available in the open market. This kind of outsourcing may seem to be expensive at the outset but in the near future it brings a multitude of benefits such as good candidates, less time for training, increased productivity and enhanced profits.

3) The relation between the company and the outsourcing provider must be like partners. Though the company that has outsourced the services will not be actively involved in the recruitment, it must follow up regularly, discuss the situation, work out a schedule and do regular reporting and reviews. Companies can’t leave outsourcing firms hanging; they must make sure they are there with them like partners.

4) And last but not the least, the biggest mistake is choosing the wrong recruitment process outsourcing firm. A lot of money, effort and time can be lost due to this mistake which must be avoided. Choosing the right service provider requires research, attention to detail and proper discussion with the provider to decide how good they are. A background check of the RPO provider or talking to some past customers is a good idea.

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