3 July 2013
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RPO Process Part 2: How RPO Works

In our previous post, we started with understanding what RPO or recruitment process outsourcing is, reasons why companies opt for RPO solution and the three levels of RPO services provided. We now continue with the understanding of how the RPO process works.

A company that provides level 3 RPO services or RPO 3.0 carries out multiple activities across the recruitment continuum including sourcing, screening, interviewing candidates etc. which leaves the end client with the best breed of the available talent pool.

How RPO Works

If the RPO process is followed thoroughly, you are more likely to get suitable and quality hires. However, the success of your outsourcing effort relies on a thorough evaluation of each step in the continuum and communicating the expected results to your vendor, as this is directly related to the desired end result — good hires and employee retention.

If you monitor the entire process thoroughly, it leaves room for adjustments you might need to make and also improves the efficiency. The RPO Company or your outsourcing partner can assume responsibilities for either part or all of the activities across recruiting continuum model.

However, for the RPO efforts to be most effective, it is essential that you clearly define your objectives. You should first work towards identifying your internal strengths and then choose to partner with an appropriate RPO vendor that complements your needs and therefore enables you to reach optimum proficiency in your recruitment process.

In all, there are five basic types of solutions that you can avail through your RPO partners. These types are as discussed below:

1. Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solution is also known as End-to-End Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Under this solution, your RPO Company assumes complete responsibility of the recruitment effort or the entire continuum. Additionally your outsourcing partner may either be responsible for recruiting candidates for all positions or for certain segments of positions in your company.

2. Augmenting solutions

RPO companies that provide you with augmenting solutions (staff augmentation) fill the gaps or provide additional support to specific activities of your end-to-end recruitment process. Such services generally apply to the initial activities of your recruitment cycle and range from resume search, pre-screens to the first round of interviews.

3. Project RPO

An organization resorts to this type of outsourcing to address a sudden or expected short-term spurt in its recruitment needs where it needs to source qualified candidates within a stipulated period of time.. Project RPO involves either augmentation solutions or complete enterprise solutions. This RPO solution typically has a set end date for the services.

4. Provider specific RPO

Provide specific RPO’s are vendors that provide a specific service such as resume searches or background checks. Although such vendors focus on only one or two activities of the recruitment cycle, they claim expertise on such activities and these are generally vital to a complete and successful recruitment process.

Now that we have an idea of what the recruiting continuum and different types of RPO are, we will discuss RPO solutions and its advantages in our next post.

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